Western Diet May Lead to Skin Inflammation

Western Diet May Lead to Skin Inflammation

February 26, 2020 Off By Jennifer Cowen

New research suggests that the consumption of a western diet which is rich in sugar and fat may lead to skin inflammation such as psoriasis.

A study published by the research team from UC Davis Health research, suggests that the consumption of a western diet which is rich in sugar and fat may lead to skin inflammation. The researchers also found that dietary components may lead to inflammatory skin disease as well as the development of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic and common skin disease and it causes skin cells to create red patches and scales that are painful and itchy. According to the previous studies, obesity is a threat factor for the worsening and development of psoriasis.

The western diet that is categorized by high dietary consumption of saturated fats and low consumption of fiber. The western diet has been associated with the increased occurrence of obesity in the world. The research team performed this study on mice and found that a diet that contains both the high sugar and high fat (imitating the Western diet in humans) was required to prompt noticeable skin inflammation. After four weeks, mice on the western diet had considerably increased visible dermatitis and ear swelling compared to mice that have been on a controlled diet.

The researchers examined the detailed mechanisms by which skin inflammation happens after consuming sugar and the fat-rich western diet. They identified bile acids as key molecules that signal the regulation of skin immunity. This kind of acids is formed in the liver from metabolized and cholesterol by the gut microbiota in the intestine. These microbiotas play a vital role in cholesterol balance and dietary lipid absorption in the blood. The researchers found a drug named cholestyramine (used to reduce cholesterol levels) helped lower the risk of inflammatory skin disease. The study recommends that bile acids facilitate the development of psoriasis. Consumption of an unhealthy diet affects waistline and skin immunity in humans.