Ohio Senate unanimously passes Tyler’s Law

Ohio Senate unanimously passes Tyler’s Law

October 25, 2019 0 By Lisa Knight

For a term of 2+ years, this decisive moment was awaited by the mother of Tyler Jarrell. This was the very moment when the lawmakers gave an approval to Tyler’s law that addresses inspections for all future rides in the amusement parks. This law is aimed for prevention of any catastrophic incident like the one that happened with Tyler Jarrell.

Amber Duffield, his mother, mentioned that the moment the decision was passed, she became so overwhelmed that it was literally hard for her to breathe. She also mentioned that she could feel the presence of Tyler with the decision being passed. On 26th July, 2017, Tyler had gone to the local Ohio State Fair, where he got into the popular Fireball ride. This was when the ride came apart and led to his death.

Tyler was bounced off the ride which caused his immediate death along with 7 others getting injured. Later during the inspection, it was noted that this ride had a substantial amount of corrosion which wasn’t checked during the normal inspections.

Now with the latest Tyler’s law in place, rides will get much safer and Duffield believes that parents won’t be faced with the same consequence as hers.