Lexus Designs Concept Space Vehicle for Humans on the Moon

Lexus Designs Concept Space Vehicle for Humans on the Moon

February 10, 2020 Off By Jennifer Cowen

Automaker Lexus has revealed the concept design of a space vehicle that shows how space vehicles can be used on the Moon.

The Japanese automaker, Lexus, is a division of luxury vehicles by Toyota. Lexus has revealed a concept design of the space vehicle that shows how these vehicles can be used on the Moon’s surface in future missions. Recently the company revealed some conceptual design sketches of space vehicles and this is not the first time Toyota has let their minds wander to the universe. The European Advanced Design Studio for Toyota has created around seven space vehicle concepts for the Document Journal magazine.

All seven sketches feature certain design fundamentals from the LF-30 Electric Concept. Lexus LF-30 Electric Concept is the company’s vision for the next generation of Electric Vehicles (EV). The seven concepts are designed by five different designers and out of seven, one design was published which looks like a motorcycle named ‘Zero Gravity’. Space vehicles do not have wheels and are designed with magnetic suspension in mind. Other concept designs of space vehicles range from classy to geeky to sporty. The Lexus Lunar Mission and Lexus Lunar Cosmos will be flying vehicles and will use liquid side body and clear glass.

It will allow passengers to see the lunar surface as well as stars in the space. Lexus has taken its signature design and modified it for zero gravity. This light cycle-looking vehicle is supposedly designed for explorers who are eagerly waiting to glide over the moon’s surface. The expected top speed is 300 mph. Although, there is time for people to take long-term tours to any satellite or another planet. These are only concept designs but people can imagine traveling on the Moon with these space vehicles in the coming future. The actual space vehicles in the future can be more functional and interesting than these concept vehicles.